Palm Coast Launches Swale Maintenance Pilot Program in P-Section, Along with ‘Progress’ Page


Swale rehab. (Palm Coast)
Swale rehab. (Palm Coast)

The City of Palm Coast announced a new pilot program by the Stormwater and Engineering Department aimed at improving swale maintenance across the community. This initiative targets specific problem areas by selectively regrading and resodding high spots in swales, providing solutions without the need for complete overhauls. This program is part of the city’s ongoing commitment to enhancing infrastructure and services for residents.

Since its launch in May, the pilot program has focused on spot regrading in the P section, while full regrades have been completed in the R and W sections. Currently, efforts have shifted to spot regrading in the W section and full regrades in the northern part of the P section. In July, work will continue with targeted regrading in the B and L sections. This phased approach allows the City to address specific problem areas more effectively, ensuring that swales with minor issues are maintained efficiently while optimizing overall functionality.

“Many properties have well-functioning swales that only face issues due to high points, often from recent construction,” explained Stevens. “This pilot program enables us to address these specific areas, improving swale function for more residents while maintaining high maintenance standards.”

While the swale maintenance pilot program will expand to other parts of Palm Coast in the coming months, some areas of the City’s 1,222 miles of swales will still need full regrading and resodding. Last year, maintenance crews completed 40 miles of swale work and aim to reach 44 miles by year-end. The Stormwater and Engineering Department will evaluate the program’s success to decide on its continuation.

Along with this new pilot program, the City of Palm Coast is also launching a comprehensive “Palm Coast Progress” webpage to inform residents about capital improvement projects. This resource will provide residents with detailed updates on capital improvement projects essential for maintaining and enhancing the City’s amenities and services.

Palm Coast Progress will feature up-to-date information on a range of projects, including:

  • Roadway Projects
  • Utility Projects
  • Parks and Recreation Projects
  • Stormwater and Engineering Projects
  • Fire Projects

“Palm Coast Progress is a key part of our commitment to transparency and keeping our community informed,” said Mayor David Alfin. “Through this webpage, residents can easily view the City’s investments into our capital improvement projects and understand the benefits they bring to our city.”

Residents can visit to stay informed about ongoing and upcoming projects. The City will update the pages weekly, providing continuous insights into how these projects are expected to enhance services and amenities across Palm Coast.


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