City of Palm Coast Announces $229 Million Investment in Road Infrastructure Over Next Three Years

City of Palm Coast Announces $229 Million Investment in Road Infrastructure Over Next Three Years | Palm Coast Connect


The City of Palm Coast recently provided an update to the City Council and residents on the comprehensive road projects planned over the next three years. Recent traffic counts conducted across the city have offered valuable insights into road utilization, ensuring that infrastructure planning aligns with current and future needs. Despite the city’s growing population, the report shows that most roads remain within capacity limits, with a few exceptions.

To maintain a balance between traffic flow and road capacity, Palm Coast has adopted a Level of Service D, consistent with the standards of most jurisdictions within the state. The analysis reveals that while most roads, including the heavily traveled Palm Coast Parkway and Cypress Point Parkway, operate below capacity levels, two road segments have been identified as exceeding capacity.

One of the overcapacity road segments is the SR 100 segment from I-95 to Memorial Medical Parkway, at the entrance AdventHealth Palm Coast. Discussions have already been initiated with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to examine this issue. The second overcapacity road segment is Old Kings Road from Farragut Drive to Palm Coast Parkway, which already has an improvement plan in place. These efforts underscore the City’s commitment to maintaining efficient and safe roadways for residents and visitors.

Planned State Road Construction Projects for 2024 to 2027

Several state road construction projects are currently underway or planned:

  • FDOT is resurfacing SR 100 from Old Kings Road to Palmetto Drive in Bunnell. This project, which includes adding turn lanes and replacing traffic signal poles, is expected to last 370 days with a total investment of $16.3 million funded by FDOT.
  • A new traffic signal has been installed at the intersection of SR 100 and McCormick Street, at the entrance to BJ’s Wholesale Club. This construction was fully funded by the developer.
  • The US-1 Roundabout at Old Kings Road is under construction and expected to be completed by November 2024. This project is funded by the developer, Sawmill Branch.
  • Starting in July 2026, FDOT will replace the US-1 bridge over Pellicer Creek at the north end of the county. This $13.5 million project will include the replacement of two bridges and the addition of sidewalks.
  • Beginning in Fall 2024, FDOT will resurface US-1 from East Ridgewood Avenue in Bunnell to Palm Coast Parkway, with a budget of $20.5 million. Another resurfacing project on US-1 from Palm Coast Parkway north to the county line will begin in January 2025, funded by $14.5 million from FDOT.
  • A traffic signal will be installed on US-1 at the Sawmill Branch Blvd Phase 6 entrance on US-1, with construction starting in 2026, funded by the developer.
  • FDOT is conducting a study to fund and install traffic signals at the I-95 interchange at Matanzas Woods Parkway. A start date has not yet been released.
  • On A1A, FDOT will install a traffic signal at Camino Del Mar and Yacht Harbor Drive, with construction set to begin in 2027. This project is funded by FDOT.

These construction projects may cause some temporary traffic light issues. Once FDOT awards a project to a contractor, the contractor can modify the light schedule to accommodate construction activities, which may result in temporary traffic disruptions. Many factors can affect the construction schedule; therefore, construction commencement and completion dates may change during the construction process.

Planned City Roadway Construction Projects for 2024 to 2027

The City of Palm Coast is also investing in several key roadway projects to enhance local infrastructure:

  • Miscrosurfacing on residential roads, funded by $1 million in city funds, has just been completed. Arterial roadway resurfacing, starting in summer 2024, will be funded by $3.5 million in city funds.
  • In Fall 2024, intersection improvements will begin along Belle Terre Parkway from Royal Palms Parkway to Pritchard Drive. This project, which will add turn lanes at seven intersections, is funded by $4.5 million in state appropriations and $500,000 in city funds.
  • Whiteview Parkway will undergo significant safety improvements starting in Fall 2024, including resurfacing, adding turn lanes, creating multi-purpose paths, and modifying medians. This project is funded by FDOT for $1.6 million and $5.8 million in city funds.
  • The extension of Citation Boulevard is currently under construction, funded by road impact fees at a cost of $4.5 million. Lake Avenue will be extended to Town Center Boulevard within the next three years, funded by the developer.
  • Starting in early 2025, Old Kings Road will be widened to four lanes from Farragut Lane to Farnum Lane. This $24.78 million project is funded through $18.38 million in state appropriations and $6.4 million in city funds and will address a segment of the road that was over capacity.
  • The design phase for extending Matanzas Woods Parkway across the railroad tracks is underway, with construction slated to start in 2026. This $31.5 million project is funded by $25 million in state appropriations and $6.5 million in city funds.
  • Plans for a loop road from Matanzas Woods Parkway to Palm Coast Parkway are in progress, with an $80 million budget pending approval from the Governor. This project will be funded by FDOT and state appropriations.

City staff explained that it takes time to get these projects underway because of the city’s pay-as-you-go policy. This means that current residents are contributing in advance to fund future enhancements that will be enjoyed by the entire community. Additionally, City staff consistently seeks grant funding and state appropriations to help support road improvements. This requires extensive preplanning to steadily improve the city’s infrastructure.

The total investment in road infrastructure for the City of Palm Coast equates to over $229 million. This includes $127.88 million from state funds, $67.55 million from FDOT projects, $1.6 million from local agency program funds, $3.75 million from developer contributions, and $28.27 million from city impact fees collected during development. These substantial investments reflect the City’s commitment to maintaining and improving roadway infrastructure to support the needs of the community.

For more information and updates on these projects, please view the City of Palm Coast City Council Workshop Meeting here. The discussion on roads begins at 1:15:56.

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