Pontieri’s Demand for Moratorium Fails

Recently, City Council member Theresa Pontieri called for a residential home building moratorium in Palm Coast for at least 90 days. While there are instances where standing water affects some homeowners, there have been no reports of homes flooding and creating emergency situations. Her demand to shut down Palm Coast’s number one economic engine was influenced by a few. Despite the request of four other Council members to immediately work on solutions, Pontieri plowed forward with her attempt to shut down the local building industry.

Recognizing that standing water on some properties is a problem, the Homebuilders Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and other experts pled with Pontieri not to impose a moratorium and offered their respective expertise to help the community address this issue. She declined the experts’ offers and made a motion to impose a moratorium on building new homes in Palm Coast. All of the City’s Council members rejected her motion (https://www.observerlocalnews.com/news/2024/jan/16/palm-coast-says-no-to-moratorium-creates-citizen-advisory-committee/). Obviously, the other Council members recognized the damage that her extreme action would have on families, jobs, and businesses. Notwithstanding their decision, Pontieri continued to force her opinion on the Council but to no avail.

In the end, Mayor Alfin, and Council members Danko, Klufas, and Heighter formulated an agreement directing staff to immediately implement Staff’s proposed solutions and create a citizen task force to formulate a deeper, more robust solution that could be implemented in perpetuity. Mrs. Pontieri’s response to the Council’s consensus was that it was “misguided”, and she again demanded a moratorium.

Once again, Mrs. Pontieri failed to collaborate with her council members to mutually find solutions to real problems. In fact, Mrs. Pontieri once again put forth mistaken facts and conclusions to support her arguments. For example, she refused to acknowledge that the City and the Homebuilders had met for more than three months formulating a fix to this problem. Her failure to provide the community with all the facts has happened before: (article can be viewed here).

In conclusion, the other four City Council members debated the matter, involved the homeowners, and listened to our business community before coming to a well-thought-out conclusion. In the words of Vice Mayor Danko and Mayor Alfin, this should be an ongoing evaluation with the intent to protect property owners, our local businesses, and the families that are employed by them.