Unleash Your Inner Warrior at Conquer Fitness, LLC

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Scott and Caroline McNeil, owners of Conquer Fitness LLC located at 160 Cypress Point Parkway Unit A202 in City Marketplace, to learn more about their business.

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from the University of North Florida and is the Head Trainer at Conquer Fitness LLC.

We asked Scott how long he had been in the fitness industry. “I’ve been personal training in town since about 2008. I started out part-time. While I was personal training, I went back to school, got my bachelor’s in nutrition, and continued personal training and working a full-time job. I kept building my clientele over the years. And as my clientele grew, Caroline and I were talking about potentially opening up a business. We had found a space to lease and we were all set to open in early 2020. This all happened right before the shutdown with Covid,” he told us.

His wife Caroline added, “When the shutdown happened, he went the online platform route during Covid. This way he still able to bring the brand Conquer Fitness to light during Covid and started with an online private group where he would do live workouts and people could join in and watch those and do the workouts. We were doing that every day, multiple times a day. We also had a few other trainers at the time doing it.  When gyms opened back up and people slowly started to come back out, Scott was training at another gym, and then his clientele kept growing. We wanted to be able to provide a certain type of service to people. And this place gives us the ability to provide that type of service to clients. It’s the small space. A lot of people don’t like to work out in front of other people. For a lot of women, it’s a personal thing. And it’s intimidating. And so this gives the ability to provide that small group atmosphere or one-on-one training where there’s nobody else in here or there’s just a few people. We secured this space in April of 2022 and officially opened in early May.”

Scott said, “So, the nice part about having this facility is when you do personal training, it’s a premium service, right? When you are training in a regular commercial gym, you might get stuck where you can’t use a certain piece of equipment or do what you want to do that day. Or your trainer can’t do what they want to do with you that day because the equipment is being occupied by regular gym members. When you come into a place like this, you have access to what your trainer wants to do as you are getting a premium service within a private facility.”

Services offered at Conquer Fitness include:

  • Private Training: One-on-one with a personal trainer
  • Group Classes with 8-12 people
  • Small Group Training
  • Teen Program: a functional strength program that provides teens personalized training in a safe, clean, and private facility and is great for building strength, confidence, and overall well-being

In addition to Scott, there are two additional personal trainers on staff at Conquer Fitness LLC, Caitlin Howell and Keri Bebout. Caitlin is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who’s objective is to teach her clients the tools they need to achieve their goals.  She loves to train all aspects of fitness including; strength, conditioning, HIIT.  Keri is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Wife and Mother. She has been training professionally since 2017 but has been an athlete all her life. Keri uses techniques from traditional strength training, yoga, functional movement, TRX, and dynamic cardio to balance workouts that help target every muscle. 

Classes and Groups Schedule

Conquer Fitness LLC offers two options besides private one-on-one trainings.

Groups: These groups/teams are very limited and are kept to 3-6 clients at a time.  This allows for more of a one-on-one feeling in a group setting.  

Classes: This is a great budget friendly option. They tend to be a larger crowd with 8-12 clients at a time.

Full Body Training: Glute Focused > Strength Class

5:00am: Tuesday through Friday
6:00am: Monday through Thursday

Conjugate Training > Strength Class

5:00am: Tuesday through Friday
6:00am: Monday through Thursday
8:00am: Tuesday and Thursday

Teen Functional Strength Team > Small Group: limited to 6/class

Starting the week of August 14th at 3:00pm
Limited space – Reserve your spot today

To learn more about Conquer Fitness LLC, visit them online at www.conquerfitnesspalmcoast.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/conquerfitnesspc

By Kim Hunt